A well written and effective Contract is akin to a fine work of art.

We take immense pride drafting agreements which fulfil your requirements and help you obtain your goals. Our services are bespoke, in accordance with your commercial requirements. We could advise and negotiate, structure and finalise the entire transaction or we could only focus on specific aspects of an agreement such as Liabilities, Guaranties or Warranties within a contract. We combine our expertise in the requisite sector of industry with our skills in the crafting of a duly considered and practical contractual arrangement.

Our experience in drafting Contracts is quite extensive and the following are among the vast range of agreements we prepare on a regular basis:

  • Shareholders Agreements
  • Manufacturing Agreements
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Agency, Distribution and Licensing Agreements
  • Services Agreements
  • Standard Terms of Business
  • Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Sale and Purchase of Goods Contracts
  • Outsourcing Contracts
  • Consultancy Agreements
  • Lease and Hire Contracts
  • Online terms of sale
  • Online terms and policies
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