We advise Tech companies of all sizes, whether a start-up or a well-established leader in the field of cutting-edge technology.

Our assistance includes the negotiation of your contracts, long term protection of your products and cogent advice in relation to your contractual rights and entitlements. We advise on Data Protection and cyber/internet laws and regulations.

We are experienced in securing and defending your intellectual property rights and representing your best interests through Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution. We advise, negotiate and draft Service level and End user licence agreements to name a few.

We advise on Cyber law as a fast-growing area of law which transcends jurisdictions and affects us regardless of which corner of the globe you may be situated.

Our practice in the field of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is growing exponentially with clients breaking new ground and creating new technologies in the fields of medicine, communications, energy consumption and the environment.
As Solicitors we are privy to the constant changes and developments of the latest laws and regulations and advise our clients in the development of their commercial endeavours.