Our litigation practice focuses on obtaining the best results for clients ranging from individuals, Small to medium size businesses to large corporations who may be embroiled in various kinds of disputes ranging from simple claims or defences to complex matters involving various parties and legal issues which may be spread across different countries.
As legal representatives, our initial approach is always to ensure that the problem is resolved with the opposing party and save our client from enduring litigation which can often be lengthy and stressful.
If, however, an initial resolution is not possible, we have the necessary resources, skills and experience required to robustly represent you in the fullest capacity you would expect of a legal team. We work towards ensuring that you avail of the best possible options available. From the creation of a sound and logical legal strategy designed to minimise and negate any damage which you or your business may face, we strive to ensure that we proceed forward with an advantage and ensure that you obtain a result which is both fair and which meets your expectations.
We are experienced at offering you cost effective options which would cover legal funding thereby making litigation affordable both in terms of money and peace of mind.

We assist in resolving disputes in various areas, some of which are as follows:
Bank Litigation
Professional Negligence
Breach of Fiduciary Duties
Class Actions
Corporate Investigations
Cross Border Litigation
Debt Recovery
Intellectual Property Litigation
Partnership Disputes
Regulatory Investigations
White Collar Defence