We advise individuals and organisations on all aspects of compliance, providing firm guidance on the protection of data and breaches of data.

The new rules under the General Data Protection regulation (GDPR) have far reaching consequences with greater focus on enforcement than previous legislation.

It is quite common for ever increasing quantities of personal data being held by organisations and individuals which often places your privacy at great risk if not handled in a proper manner. Such data should be held with your consent and for the purpose envisaged. You are entitled to access your data. The Data protection Act 1988 allows for access to your data and also provides guidance on data protection.

Data breaches caused by the unauthorised loss of data or thereafter into the hands of third parties resulting in fraudulent activity and financial damage.

Compliance Services
• We guide our clients by reviewing the recording of data, internal policies and offering GDPR compliant revisions where required.
• We prepare bespoke Privacy and Information processing Policies.
• We review and draft all your contacts to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements.
• We advise on what basis the data held requires direct consent from the data subjects concerned.
• We advise on the international transfers of data both within and outside the European Union with the provision of suitable contractual and policy protection where required.

Breach of Data Services
• We provide thorough guidance on the consequences of a breach and the remedies available.
• The Information Commissioner’s investigation procedures and criteria applied toward enforcement pending investigation.
• We advise on requisite regulatory and criminal defence and represent clients facing criminal or civil prosecution