We recognise that facing criminal prosecution is an intimidating experience and a time consuming ordeal for many. We passionately believe in the due process of law and ensuring that anybody facing prosecution or investigation should be aware of their rights from the outset and treated in fairness.
We leave no stone unturned when we stand in your corner. We have a wealth of experience at all levels of the legal process – from early representation to Trials, Appeals and beyond.
Should you find yourself being investigated on suspicion of an offence, it is crucial to ensure that you are well armed with appropriate legal advice and high quality representation at all times. Owing to a difficult experience or intimidation within the situation, individuals choose not to be legally represented in order clarify matters for themselves and end up facing prosecution arising out of weak evidence and speculation on part of the prosecution authorities. You can be protected from this by having our experienced criminal lawyers at your side at all material times.

Defending yourself against Criminal charges is a multi-faceted and often complex process. This requires experience in defence litigation, legal expertise involving analysis of the evidence, and the ability to effectively apply logical, scientific and innovative legal arguments in order to secure the best possible outcome. We use the best industrial experts to help prepare a robust defence at trial.
Throughout the process, you are never alone. We will work with you, ensuring your best interests are served and your rights are upheld.
Some of our areas of expertise include:
• White Collar Fraud
• Money Laundering
• Bribery & Corruption
• Restraint & Confiscation Proceedings
• Cyber Crime
• Terrorism
• Extradition
• Homicide
• Sexual Offences
• Assault
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