The success of a business lies in its creativity and ability to innovate its products and services. It remains the responsibility of the creator of such unique ideas to protect them from being copied by competing business interests.
Intellectual Property Laws assist and enable you as a business or innovator to secure sole creative recognition of your product or service and reserve your rights ensuring that you benefit from the hard work and time invested.
By ensuring appropriate Intellectual Property protection, the benefits are threefold:

  • You develop a distinct corporate identity.
  • Saving investment in Research and Development.
  • Protecting your business ideas, products or services from being copied by competitors.

We regularly advise Clients on the most efficient way to protect their IP rights whether registered or otherwise.

We are instructed by Businesses and individuals while managing intellectual property portfolios, from registration to enforcement to ensure that your creation is protected from infringement.

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How we can assist you?

In order to determine your IP rights we identify the kind of infringement which you face, the extent of damage and the relevant jurisdiction.

Our assistance may be required in a variety of instances :

  • You may seek to protect confidential information through your contractual obligations.
  • Your staff may seek to own the IP developed during the term of their employment.
  • You may face malicious threats from owners of the IP rights or parties may seek an injunction to stop illegal use of your intellectual property.
  • Defending search orders or against unjustified or groundless threats from Patent Trolls or entities after a quick settlement;